As I rummaged through the box filled with pumpkin candles and all things autumn, the New Year pang hit me.  That feeling that usually sneaks in after Christmas but before the glitzy ball in NY drops. To make matters worse, I pulled my journal off the bookcase, the one from January 1, 2010. I read aloud my own words of what I was to accomplish over the next 12 months.  Some of the things on the list were done, but many were not. I had scribbled my aspirations of writing 500 words each day, blogging three times a week, cooking healthier and reading through the Bible in a year.

My own penned declarations were a haunting reminder of what I hadn’t done. 

But I caught a glimpse of my kitchen sink filled with murky water. Long wooden rolling pins peaked through the iridescent bubbles. Caked on blue play doh was beginning to soften again. As I walked closer I could see the plastic rainbow-colored cookie cutters floating to the top. It had been a hit. My 18 month old had squealed with delight as he poked his fingers in the warm homemade concoction. His older brother and I made pizzas and snakes and snowmen while we swapped knock knock jokes.   

The box of puzzle pieces was still lying on the kitchen table. No one had the heart to take it apart for three days. It had been an arduous feat putting those six continents together.

It’s been a year of spelling lists and math tests and diaper changes and throwing baseballs and softballs and footballs.  

I’ve interviewed a senator, had a few front page articles published and sold two more short stories. But I didn’t blog three days a week. I haven’t come close to writing 500 words a day and speculate I won’t finish reading through the Bible this year.

But for mothers, accomplishments aren’t always measured in a list but in the day-to-day living. It’s measured in the diapers and the discipline and the smelly and the lovely.

And it’s measured in dirty rolling pins in murky water and cackles from  older than me knock knock jokes.

tuesdays unwrapped at cats


8 thoughts on “2010

  1. as i read what you had been doing, rather than what that “list” said you should have been doing, i thought how pleased the Father is with you…for choosing life with your little ones. for choosing Him, even if it’s not checking off your list. lovely post.

  2. So true, Amanda. What is it about January that makes us all crazy? About 3 years ago, I finally got a clue and made my January list very short. It was one word: WRITE. I wasn’t sure what it meant, and I wasn’t sure exactly how much or when, but I knew it was time to get serious about writing.

    Your post is so lovely and so true. And I love to see those babies growing up!!

  3. SO true! I think we all could use MUCH MORE time just being with ourselves and our families. Your children will ALWAYS remember those times…always!:) Loved your post

  4. As I try to see through the tears to the keyboard I just have to tell you how proud I am of you. I have watched you manage very difficult schedules and duties that I know I could never have done with three children. You manage to always put your husband and children first with God being at the center of everything. You always do it with a positive attitude and with grace. I love you Hope and think you are the BEST!

  5. I loved this line so much I just tweeted and Facebook’d it.

    “But for mothers, accomplishments aren’t always measured in a list but in the day-to-day living. It’s measured in the diapers and the discipline and the smelly and the lovely.”

    Isn’t that true? So very true.

  6. What a precious reminder of what matters most. I love your ability to capture hearts with words. Blessings and thanks for being the fragrance of Christ in your home and everywhere you go.

    Love, Melinda

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