keeping on

I’m more of a walker than a runner. But I untangled double knots this morning and strapped on an Ipod, determined to run. I ran through one song and walked through another. Sarah Groves whistled lyrics while I breathed in and out, like timed contractions, jogging to the soft tempo.

But soon enough my body begged to stop and my feet ached beneath dark asphalt. And thoughts slipped in, quietly drowning out the music.     

“You’re not a runner, why even try?” and then like a game of follow the leader, another stomped in, loud and clear.

“You’re a mother, not a teacher,” and I second guessed the lesson plans that sat on my desk ready to be taught.

But softness played into my ears of how God makes beautiful things. And as the morning sun peaked through acres of thick trees, I realize there is always a choice to make: continue or quit. Walk or run. Stroll or sprint.  And my feet came off the ground, one in front of the other, in a quiet rhythm of up and down and the jogging continued.

And it’s true, I’m not a runner, but there is peace in pursuing truth and seeking the lovely that God lavishes on us each and every day.

And I’m not a teacher by trade, but my soul stirs and bubbles over watching creativity spill onto pages and into the hearts of the children I love.

And continuing on is easier when I know I’m not doing it alone. There is one that runs and walks alongside my tired steps in the mornings and in the afternoons and moments when I need Him most. And it’s that promise that keeps me going.

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17 thoughts on “keeping on

  1. I think if you are out there jogging for over 40 minutes, you can safely call yourself a runner! That’s pretty impressive, my friend. Keep at it. The running will get easier and easier the more you do it. Wish I could say the same for mothering and teaching. But thankfully there is grace imparted and His strength in our weakness for these more difficult (and more meaningful) roles.

  2. Oh, Amanda, I can relate to this. I hear those voices, the ones telling me I’m not a runner nor a teacher. Yet, God gives me the ability to do those things. (The running is coming along slowly.) We can do anything with Him by our sides, can’t we?

  3. I agree with Jo’s comment – way to go. Also, there is a Scripture, I forgot where offhand (Romans?) where God calls those that are not as though they are. I love that. I’m definitely an are-not but that doesn’t need to hinder me.

  4. We often let those labels define us or tell us that we can never measure up to them. And yet, when we are doing work with God, together, the labels seem to fade away and we realize that Child of God is the only one that matters.

  5. So many reasons to say “I can’t do it.” The nasty voice inside us that speaks loud and clear when we doubt ourselves. But God’s voice is there to enlighten. And I must say that you ARE both a runner and a teacher. God bless! 🙂


  6. This is so beautiful! I love the truth of God’s Word that He is with us even when we think we can’t do it and that He speaks truth into our lives when the lies try to bring us down. Have a beautiful day!

  7. We mothers may not be teachers by trade, but we are teachers made by God. You can’t be a mother without being a teacher of some sorts 🙂
    Bless you in your ministry of both!

    My body tells me all the time I’m not a runner. But I sure can walk it to death 😉

  8. wow, 40 minutes? that is a long time, friend! good on you! i’m not a runner either, but i enjoy pretending i am… it’s time alone, time to pray, time to reflect… that enemy, he sure likes to discourage us, no? i’m glad you’re not listening to him! and that song by gungor, it is divine. xo

    • Love that song by Gungor too, Emily. But no, I didn’t run straight for 40 minutes. I ran through a song and walked through the next. I feel like I should edit this post … b/c I didn’t make it clear enough. It made my husband giggle. 40 minutes of running and he would have had to pick me up on the side of the road! Have a good weekend …

  9. Amanda, you have a beautiful way with words. Thanks for sharing your gift with the Simple Pleasures crowd. A joy to have you. And take heart. If you study any of the major characters in the Bible, they were all imperfect and hesitant and yet God used them greatly. I have no doubt that you will succeed, in both running and teaching.

  10. I am new to your blog, Amanda. Over from (in)courage, and I just had to say I LOVE these words of yours: “I’m not a teacher by trade, but my soul stirs and bubbles over watching creativity spill onto pages and into the hearts of the children I love.”

    I am on year two of homeschooling my two sweet girls, and this resonated with my heart perfectly.

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