Christmas 2010

One of my children ripped open a present on Christmas morning and said, “Oh, I didn’t deserve this!” It made me laugh as the light blinked on the video recorder. Those innocent words captured for years to come.

And I scrolled through December’s pictures.

Garrett sang.

And we took the long way home most evenings just to get a glimpse of the lit up tree in front of the library.  

And there were plenty of parties and games and sugar cookies.

And we saw Christmas through the eyes of a baby this year.

Amidst boxes and bows, J and I watched our children play while snow fell outside the window. 

And I had to agree with that little wise child of mine. No, I didn’t deserve this gift either.


3 thoughts on “Christmas 2010

  1. You have such a way with words and short and to the point. I loved this one. I would agree with your child as well as I reflect on our Christmas – I did not deserve this gift either. Ain’t God Good! love you!

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