slowing down

It’s one of those mornings, when I’ve run out of liquid creamer for coffee. There’s the powdered kind, but it’s old and clumpy and it lands into my mug of caffeine like balls of sour grapes.

And there are a set of dishes in the sink waiting to be loaded into the dishwasher. And two cabinet doors are open revealing a disheveled row of Tupperware.

I begin quietly tidying up before the morning rush.  The weekend proved to be busier than normal even for our family of five. I tell myself in the still of the a.m. that life must slow down a bit.

And as I wipe in circles while the water bounces off the steel sink, I notice an odd-shaped something in the crevice where the stove top meets the counter …


I’m writing over at Emily’s sweet place of Imperfect Prose. Will you join me there?   


5 thoughts on “slowing down

  1. Beautiful writing. Those early morning moments help to ground our days, don’t they. When my children were young I got up at 4 each morning to write. I didn’t want my writing to take time from my daughters. I was ready to be a momma by seven.

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