a new fall

Fall blew into NC this weekend handing out hooded sweatshirts and packets of hot chocolate. But in this favorite season of mine, it takes focus to stay in the moment. Too often it seems natural when snug socks cling to my ankles, I want the freedom of flip-flops and when the warmth of a fire blazes, I’d rather feel the breeze of a fan that blows continual round and round. If not careful, I’ll never be satisfied. 

Thankfully, motherhood has a way of quietly reminding there is novelty and newness in every season.

As I look deep into my children’s closets I pull out what no longer fits. My daughter’s legs are longer, my son’s shoulders broader. They are not the same as they were just one year ago.

And it feels more imperative than ever to be fully aware and in the moment of mothering because as my children grow older the days are beginning to seem shorter

There is no greater gift this fall than to see the world through their eyes, to be and act just a little more childlike.  But the inquiries will come. The phone will ring and the questions will follow: Will you commit to this? Will you sign up for this? Will you write for this? And to some things there will be a resounding yes, but for others there is perfect peace in saying no.

This short season won’t last long enough. The fair will roll into town in rows of 18 wheeled trucks with promises of bright lights and red tickets and lines of laughter. A festival of candy and costumes will make an appearance in October. And there will be a bounty of leaves piled high waiting to be leapt or hurdled, hopped in or skipped across. And in these long sleeve days, I’ll sip them each in like a cup of steaming cider, slowly, savoring the sugary sweet as long as time allows.

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13 thoughts on “a new fall

  1. I love this post, a great reminder for me. It’s funny I am writing a post on why I struggle with fall. Thank you for your perspective, helps in finding a way to change my outlook on this beautiful season!

  2. Beautifully written! I love fall and will not be missing the heat here in NC but… love the positive prospective of change! Thanks for stopping by and seeing me on my blog! Hope you stop in again! Will be back here for sure!

  3. As I read the words of your heart, I could feel the beat of my own heart, the rhythm of my own life s-l-o-w-i-n-g down and taking a deep breath. Why are we always in such a hurry? And, why are we afraid to say no?
    …”for others there is perfect peace in saying no.” Just what my heart needed to hear today.

    Thank you for reminding me of the blessing of today…the gift of
    “here and now”~

  4. I love fall. Unfortunately, here in Southern California, the temperature doesn’t change that much and there is no changing of leaves. But we still feel a bit cooler and look forward to the holidays that make it seem more like fall.

  5. Sooo, I’ve been on a bit of a blogging break, and while I was gone I wrote down the names of those who inspire me every time I click over. You are one of those people. Thanks, Amanda.

    ps I love everything about fall, every single thing.

  6. I’ve missed you! My heart leapt when I saw you linking up tonight. Every time I come here, I am challenged to savor, to remember, to not let one moment slip by unnoticed. Thank you for that inspiration.

  7. This is so where I’m at right now! I’ve got some choices to make about how to spend my time this fall, and this is a great contribution to my thought process. Thank you.

  8. It’s hard to find the perfect peace in saying no. I’m trying though — achieving the goal sometimes and miserably failing the other times.

    Your pictures made me smile. So happy you are experiencing fall with your family.

  9. This post was so beautiful. It’s as if you saw the feelings in my heart, took them out, and gave them words. I LOVE fall, but, like you, I always seem to be yearning for the next season. And those seasons with kids seem shorter and shorter.

    I know I haven’t been by in a while…I think I’ve said ‘yes’ to too many things because I really have been by many places, lately. I always enjoy your words, though, and I’m glad I read them today!

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