middle of the mundane

There are red circled days on the calendar. Those brightly colored blocks of birthdays or ballgames or an anticipated opening night.  

But more often than not there are days where sheets are stripped, waiting to be washed and dishwasher steam escapes into the kitchen. Sippy cups leak and preteens talk back. And the monotony of the everyday is sometimes tedious. Some days look much like the day before. But often in the middle of the mundane something magical occurs when least expected.  A baby mouths his first three word sentence and a home erupts into applause.

Or the door swings open mid morning inviting us to see firsthand an imaginative piece of God’s creativity.  

And yes, there are red circled days on the calendar that roar of excitement. But I’m finding that there are moments to be treasured in the middle of the mundane as well.


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