the journey

My editor at the newspaper has always been kind enough to give me profile pieces or articles that allow me to do interviews over the phone. She understands our homeschooling schedule. But today I filled in for her to cover a county commissioner’s meeting mid afternoon. It’s my least favorite thing to write about. There are no fun adjectives to describe grants and taxes and a bad economy.

I kind of dreaded it. I grumbled pulling out of the driveway.

 I caught this cute trio waving goodbye as I buckled my seatbelt. And I continued to click my camera as I drove to the meeting that I wasn’t looking forward to attending. 

But the mums on display made me want to stop and stay awhile.   

And the tunnel of trees that stood on their tiptoes gave me a standing ovation.

And the uneducated school of tubes, that are obviously going nowhere in life made me giggle. 

The little white church with the copper bell on top, it’s worthy of all the attention it gets. 

And the sidewalk paths near the state park that lead to deer and rabbits and picnics and memories; it makes me grateful for the community we call home. And thankful for the leaders that I listen to and write about and vote for (and attend their meetings that I sometimes dread).  

Maybe at times in life it’s more about the journey and less about the destination.

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10 thoughts on “the journey

  1. Great article and very thought provoking. It is a great reminder because you are right on target; it is all about the journey and I cherish the journey I’ve had with you. You’ll always be my little girl.
    Love you dad

  2. such great pictures … the one of them waving from the window rattled my heart — i’m a work at home mom now, too … mostly because leaving my wee one every day was so gut-wrenching hard.

  3. What lovely pictures! They are so peaceful and soothing.

    I’ll gladly add you to my email list if you’ll send your email. For some reason it didn’t show up on the last email you sent me and I can’t seem to access it here on your blog. Weird.

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