summer nights

This summer we redecorated Gracie’s bedroom that she shares with her baby brother. She wanted to bring in a matching twin size bed that goes with her furniture. She planned to use it when friends spend the night. I reluctantly agreed.  

Garrett soon began to ask, “Can I sleep in your room, just for tonight?” Well just for tonight has turned into weeks. Somewhere between nine and ten o’clock, Gracie can be found in her bed, Garrett in the other twin size bed and Luke a few steps away in his crib.

Whispering and cackling can be heard between all three, way past their bedtime. Luke jumps up and down like a caged monkey, throwing his arms in the air and shouting out every word in his sparse vocabulary.    

But once everyone has finally succumbed to the long day; I tiptoe in the moonlit room. Garrett lays crooked on the bed, half his leg hanging off, free from the floral Ralph Lauren bedspread.  Gracie stretches out on top of the covers, her hair falling out of a swept up ponytail. She manuevers her arms around a pink poodle and a webkinz. Luke is collapsed on his stomach, clutching one of three blankets that have found a home in his crib since he was an infant.

I stand at the door and watch all three sleep.

Peaceful. Content. Quiet.

I can barely hear their  breathing over the hum of a fan.

I know the sun will come up soon. One will want waffles; one will want muffins. One will want to watch a movie and the other play a game. A roll of the eyes or a disagreement will likely ensue.

But there’s something about bedtime that makes the irritations of the day disappear. Jokes are funnier and moods are lighter. And “I love you’s” said with tired yawns are sweeter.

J asks how long we’re going to let them keep doing this. All three of our children piled in one bedroom. I smile. Until they pick up their pillows and go somewhere else.

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8 thoughts on “summer nights

  1. i love this. so true. when we had our second, we had friends and family telling us “you need a bigger house” … as if children haven’t shared bedrooms since the dawn of time. this post is a sweet reminder of why we have refused to “upgrade.”

  2. Love this:

    “But there’s something about bedtime that makes the irritations of the day disappear”…

    Some nights I almost cry when I check on them before I go to bed. It just is so sweet to see them resting so peacefully!

    Thanks for stopping by 29lincolnavenue today! I hope you have a great day!

  3. I love to watch my kids sleep. It makes whatever happened during the day disappear. There is no attitude or nagging or loud. Instead there is peace, innocence and quiet. LOVE it.

    I can picture the kids the way you describe–and I would stand and watch too. Precious.

  4. i have 4 kids. when the three older kids were young we had a smaller house so they shared a room. now we have a room for the girls and room for the boys but they prefer to sleep together in one room and use the spare room as a playroom. i love it because they’re all so very close and get along so well – i think it’s been a huge blessing!

  5. my sons share a room. They love love love it. Q says, “I dont want to sweep arone!” when I make him nap away from his brother. It’s just to adorable.

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