Today I won’t dress for success. I won’t argue a landmark case in front of a jury or a judge. I won’t be the deciding vote in a multimillion dollar business deal. I won’t find the cure for cancer or any other miserable diseases. I won’t pen the next great American novel.  

But I’ll likely cut the crust off a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. I’ll tell an 11 year old I think she’s beautiful, just the way God made her. I’ll watch a little boy skillfully glide on a skateboard. I’ll applaud a baby for rolling a plastic car across the floor with his perfect, chubby hands. I’ll defrost chicken for dinner. I’ll probably have to make another trip to the grocery store. I’ll kiss my husband.

And though my day consists of simple, ordinary things; I’ll cherish every moment.  

tuesdays unwrapped at cats


7 thoughts on “today

  1. This was one of my favourite Tuesday’s unwrapped. So simple and profound. Those eleven year old girls need to hear “you are beautiful just the way your are” a lot. Too many other messages competing with ours.

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