The words were scribbled on the back of Sunday’s bulletin. I saw him slip it into my bedroom as I put dishes away at the sink. He had been asked to pick up his toys and hours later they remained untouched. 

My dad always told the story at bedtime, “If there were hundreds of kids lined up; I’d choose you.”

And for years, J and I have said the same thing to our little ones. They know every word by now; syllable by syllable they listen as if hearing it for the first time.      

“If there were hundreds of children lined up one by one, I’d choose you.”  

Always on cue they ask, “Why?”

“Because you’re mine and I love you.”

No matter what you do, mistakes you make, paths you choose; I’ll always love you (even when your room looks like a tornado touched down and spit out every Hot Wheels you’ve ever owned)


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